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Welcome toΒ The Pill Mill - the Official Stonetoss "Patreon"-style page!

UPDATE: All supporter tiers now include Premium Subscriber tweets in exclusive content

Hi, my name is Stone, creator of Stonetoss. I'm on a mission to heal the world and I'm asking for your help.

Stonetoss is an independent webcomic illustrating perspectives not seen in your average newspaper. It is updated weekly and enjoyed for free, and with your support we can make it even better.

Why contribute? Two reasons:

1. Be the change you want to see in the world. This opportunity allows us, you and me both, to create art not found anywhere else. Not only can you make our media un-cancellable, but join a community of your fellow enthusiasts.

2. To get some sweet, sweet perks. Take a look:

As a contributor, a guardian of culture, and patron of the arts you shall receive:

  • Access to a SECRET, FORBIDDEN art collection that NO MAN WAS MEANT TO SEE. Includes concept sketches, doodles, and other unpublished art - with ongoing updates.
  • Access to archives of all my Premium Subscriber Tweets
  • Access and special flair on our community discussion server.
  • Access to our community Minecraft server.Β 

An alchemist of health, a healer of the sick. As a patrician contributor, you are bestowed:

  • Access to ALL previous tier rewards.
  • Fancier flair in the discussion server.
  • Fancier flair in the Minecraft server and access to the /home and /sethome commands; conveniently returning you to home base without needing a bed.

A pillar of man. Those who defy the embargo of our medicine. Your efforts are recognized thusly:

  • Access to ALL previous tier rewards.
  • EVEN MORE Fancier flair in the discussion server.
  • EVEN MORE Fancier flair in the Minecraft server and access to the /ec command; conveniently allowing you access to your enderchest inventory anywhere.

The one behind the curtain. The Anti-Soros. A special mantle:

  • Access to ALL previous tier rewards
  • A MAXIMUM ALPHA HYPER LIMIT-BREAK OVERFANCY FLAIR on both on the discussion and Minecraft servers.
  • A secret supporter reward - something to show to your friends.

- - - -

Thank you for your support. πŸ‘

More about me here.

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The Pill Mill πŸ’Š

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